Bank of Maharashtra Retired Employees’ Welfare Organisation is a body registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and Societies Act 1860 under the registration number F-18747(Pune) and Maharashtra/328-2000/Pune respectively.

It is a body associate founded on 20th March 2000.

Since beginning we always insist that one should forget the cadre in which he was placed before his retirement/exit from the bank and also which trade union’s member he was. Now onwards he is a retired employee only. Hence any retired employee of the Bank of Maharashtra, irrespective of the cadre can become member of the Organisation. Accepting these broader perspectives more than 3000 retired employees have enrolled themselves as life members of the Organisation. The Organisation is affiliated to Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh and Forum of Retired Bank Employees, Pune.

The main object of the Organisation is to unite the retired employees of the Bank of Maharashtra and to consolidate their hidden / inherent strength by arranging programs of various nature bringing welfare of members of the Organisation. Pune being the major centre in respect of membership count, every Saturday around 60 members come together and share information on recent happenings / developments of common interest. The members at other centres also meet monthly/quarterly.

Being one of the Major Objectives of the organisation, we take individual issues of the members for Redressal with the management of the Bank. Similarly since inception, Organisation has taken pains to solve various issues relating to retired employees and has achieved success with the active help from Bank of Maharashtra Officers’ Organisation and its Director. The positive attitude of the management is also instrumental in this process.

Some of our major achievements:
  • After constant follow up with the management, the authorities finally accepted our demand for grant of additional interest as senior citizens over and above their entitlement of additional 1% as ex staff members. This benefit was made effective from 04.11.2010.

  • The Staff Welfare committee has extended holiday home facility to retirees as available to existing staff members.

  • The bank has issued guidelines for issuance of identity card to retirees. Further we are following up with the management for inclusion of the identity card application form along with other retirement papers which are required to be submitted well in advance duly filled by the retiring person.

  • With our continuous follow up, the management introduced “Hospitalization Expenses Reimbursement scheme” in 2002-03 with a small amount of Rs.2500/- and Rs.5000/- for minor and major ailments. The scheme was not satisfactory. We continued our efforts and as on today with effect from 05.01.2013 the reimbursement limit stood enhanced to Rs.3,00,000/- for the retiree, his / her spouse. Now his/her dependent family members such as parents and children are also covered under the scheme. Earlier the maximum amount for a single claim was is Rs.1,50,000/- while reimbursement is restricted to the extent of 75 %/90% of the claim after accounting for reimbursement received if any from any other source / insurance company. Now both these ceilings have been removed. Voluntary retirees are also made eligible for hospitalization expenses reimbursement facility from the date of their attaining age of superannuation or date of relief from service. Our efforts are still on for enhancing hospitalization expenses reimbursement amount to Rs.4.00 lakh and for a separate provision for annual medical checkup expenses.

  • After implementation of 7th Bi-partite settlement unwarranted deductions were made from the pension arrears on account of commutation of additional basic pension. Due to the efforts put in by us the issue was referred to IBA and finally the Bank refunded the amount over Rs.70.00 lakh to more than 700 beneficiaries.

  • The employees who retired prior to 01-01-1986 and the spouses of such deceased retirees are getting flat exgratia amount of Rs.5000/- from January 2013. Earlier they were getting ex-gratia as per Government of India guidelines from 01-11-1997. This exgratia amount was meager as it was based considering Basic pay @Rs.300/-. These guidelines however excluded the spouses from getting the ex-gratia after death of the retiree. With our constant and pains taking efforts the management finally accepted our pleading on humanitarian grounds and effective from 01-04-2004 started paying equivalent ex-gratia amount to the spouses of those retirees who were receiving ex-gratia during their lifetime. Our efforts in this regard were acknowledged by all these beneficiaries.

  • The retirees who expired before introduction of the ex-gratia scheme and who were not receiving any monetary support, their spouses are now made eligible to receive an amount equivalent to ex-gratia effective from 1.10.2006. These spouses are also being paid Rs.5000/- p.m. from January 2013.

  • In September 2004 we had taken up with all 9 constituents of UFBU the issue of notional basic pay formula introduced by IBA for fixation of pension instead of actual basic drawn by the employee at the time of retirement. We had requested them to plead the matter for removal of the anomaly. As a result the injustice caused towards recurrent monetary loss stands removed with effect from 01-05-2005. Our writ petition in Mumbai High Court for payment of difference from the date of retirement to 30.04.2005 is pending and we are expecting favorable outcome of the same. Similar petitions were filed by individuals/organisations in Madras and Karnataka High Courts have been decided in favour of retirees. However the issue has now been pending for hearing in Supreme Court where we have made intervention application.

  • As per government guidelines half yearly Grievance Redressal meetings are convened by the management to discuss issues related to retirees. We use this opportunity in solving problems of retirees at large. Last such meeting was convened on 20.09.2012.

  • We have achieved grand success in the case of denial of notional 5 years additional service under Section 29(5) of Pension Regulation Act 1995 to VRS optees of 2000 scheme. At the time of hearing in the Supreme Court the documents procured by us under RTI Act along with other retirees’ unions from Pune proved to be of vital importance in this landmark judgment.

  • While payment of arrears was made towards commutation we could convince management of our bank to make deduction in basic pension equal to additional amount of commutation from the date of payment of revised pension instead from the date of retirement. This has resulted in receipt of legitimate amount of commutation arrears. However retirees in other banks are deprived of receipt of full arrears. We are proud of this achievement.

Some of our unresolved issues:

  • As per 7th Bipartite Settlement the employees who retired on or after 1.11.2002 but before 30.04.2005 were paid arrears of revised salary from 1.11.2002. However their pension was revised effective from 1.05.2005 instead of 1.11.2002 causing great monetary loss to them. A writ petition filed in this regard in April 2008 before Mumbai High-Court has been dismissed. We have however preferred an appeal for review against the said order. We are expecting favorable outcome of the same.

  • The pensioners who retired after 01-11-2002 are being paid DA with 100% neutralization at 0.18% per slab as against tapered DA being paid to other pensioners retired prior to 01-11-2002. We have already filed a separate Writ Petition for removal of this anomaly. The Writ Petition number is 8564/2011.

  • We have planned to file a writ petition in respect of those officer employees who were PF optees and had retired voluntarily under normal VRS scheme of 1991 as the management has refused to grant second pension option to these officers. We have already filed case in Bombay High Court and its number is 9589/2011.

  • Similarly we have also filed Writ Petition number 1096/2012 for those who have resigned from the service of the bank and are denied the second option for pension by the management in Bombay High Court.

  • We also propose to file a separate writ petition for those employees who retired before 1.11.2009 and are granted second option for pension from prospective date i.e. from 27.11.2009 instead of from their actual date of retirement. Such employees are further discriminated while recovering the cost of pension at the rate of 1.56 times of contributory provident fund received by them instead of 2.8 times of revised basic pay of November 2009 recovered from other employees who were in Bank’s service as on 27.04.2010.

  • The issue regarding the treatment of additional commuted basic due to wage revision was settled long back in 2002 and the management had issued a circular to that effect in May 2002. Despite this position while re-fixing the pension due to wage revision in 2010, the management has deducted the additional commuted basic from the date of pension instead of from the date of payment of additional commuted value. The organisation has discussed this issue with the management and now the matter will be referred to IBA soon.

Our Welfare Activities

Our Organisation is not only taking up the monetary issues but is also discharging our responsibility towards social cause and other welfare activities for retirees.

A number of lectures were arranged for the benefit of retirees covering various subjects like investment, health, post retirement activities (including social activities). The prominent speakers who guided the audiences include eminent persons like Prin. S. N. Navalgundkar, Dr. H. V. Sardesai, Journalist Vijay Kuvalekar, Journalist Anant Dixit, Prin. Aniruddha Deshpande, Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal, Shri. Sunil Deodhar, Smt Renutai Gavaskar, Shri.P.L.Gawade, Shri. Dajikaka Gadgil, Advocate Shri. Dadasaheb Bendre, Dr. Ajit Rawal, Dr. Ravindra Kolhe and Dr. Smita Kolhe, Shri.Prakash Javadekar (M.P), Shri Kshitij Patukale. Our active units at Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dombivali, Kolhapur etc. are also convening meetings of members, arranging trips to nearby places.

Our another movement i.e. publication of quarterly news letter and sending it to all members is very much admired as activities and achievements of the organisation along with latest happenings in our beloved Bank, individual achievements of the members are reported there in. Latest position of various law suits filed by us and similar organisations of the retirees of other banks is given in a simple language is narrated. Lastly a list of new members enrolled during earlier quarter is also given for information of all. We are sending copy of this news letter to the members of Forum of Retired Bank Employees. The members keep waiting eagerly for our news letter.

Our actions do not end at arranging some lectures, solving problems, issuing a news letter etc. We have furthered our activities towards society at large. During last 7-8 years we have collected nearly Rs.28.70 lakh mainly from our members and by way of donations from some well wishers too and distributed them amongst following Institutions engaged in up liftment of down trodden, women, adivassis, and students of Northeast India.

Sr NoName of the InstitutionDonations up to date(Rs)
1Yamgarwadi Ashram Shala830000
2Meghalaya Girls Hostel Pune180000
3Nagaland Girls Hostel Chiplun180000
4Punarutthan Gurukulan130000
5Saraswati Pratisthan Ravadi100000
6Sant Narayanguru Library10000
7Grammangal School20000
8Vidya Bharati Pratisthan20000
9Samajik Samarasata Manch110000
10My Home India10000
11Flood / Tsunami Relief Fund75000
12Saptasindhu Mahila Adhar 25000
13Torana Rajgad Parisar Samajyonnati Nayas Velhe 170000
14Umed Priwar Pune95000
15Janbharati Nyas Kolhapur45000
16Vanwasi Kalyan Ashram Pune75000
17Dnyanprabhodini – Hrali(Osmanabad)70000
18Hearing Impaired’ Institute (Dr. Avinash Wachasundar)50000
19Sanskriti Samwardhan Mandal Sagroli, Nanded30000
20Bhatke Adivasi vikas Pratisthan, Karmala25000
21Sanjivani Balikashram, Talegaon Dabhade30000
22Swargiya Nana Palkar Smriti Samiti25000

We feel always gratifying that even without our appeal the members and well-wishers come forward with their donations resulting collection of increased nidhi each year. This Nidhi is used to meet the increasing needs of social organisations engaged in upliftment of weaker sections like Adivasis, Farmers, North East India and physically handicapped & mentally retarded persons. As an Organisation we are proud of having inculcated the habit in our members of donating on regular basis for discharging the social obligations. We have a list of 400 members who have offered to donate every year Rs.1000/- minimum. The number of members desirous of contributing to social commitment is increasing. It will be worth mentioning here that the Yamgarwadi Ashramshala is run by Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratisthan for children of underprivileged class of society where Government grant is meager and most of its expenses depend on donations. Our activists from Solapur are involving themselves physically in the activities of the Ashramshala for cost effective administration. Shri. Anand Kale our Vice President is now one of the trustees of Yamgarwadi Ashramshala. Our members at Nagpur, Nasik. Ahmednagar. Aurangabad, Thane etc. also actively participate in similar social activities.

Looking to the great response from the members and well-wishers towards paying donations for the social cause, we had approached income tax authorities for granting exemption under 80-G. The same has been granted by the competent Authorities vide certificate No.PN/CIT-1/12-A(a)/80G/397/2008-09/4595 dated 30.01.2009 (Continued under S 80G (5) (VI)

We have started another activity “Waste in home – Best for others”. It was observed that many times we receive gifts in the form of Shirt piece, Pant piece, Dress Material, Saree etc. and the same lies unused in our wardrobe. We appealed the members to bring them to us. With the overwhelming response to our appeal we could distribute hundreds of such pieces and dress material in the hostels of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram.

Putting one step ahead with the help of various karyakartas, organisation has decided to set up one Vridhashram along with a Second Home Colony of the retirees. Accordingly a housing society named “Swami Vivekanandpuram Co. Op. Housing society” has been formed and nearly 20 acres of land has been purchased.

At every biennial meeting of our organisation we felicitate our senior colleagues having age 75 plus as a mark of gratitude towards their devoted service to our beloved institution Bank of Maharashtra. The regional units also arrange such functions at their level.

The Executive Committee meeting of the Organisation is held regularly once in six months where regional representatives actively participate in the deliberations and report various activities and meetings arranged by them. The minutes thereof are circulated amongst EC members. The books of accounts are audited every year and all statutory returns are filed with appropriate authorities regularly.

It is needless to mention here that after every two years biennial conference is held regularly.

Our Organization is affiliated to Forum of Retired Bank Employees, Pune. The Forum has initiated correspondence with Government of India, Ministry of Finance, as also with UFBU constituents urging them to undertake issue of revision in pension. This has become important because of glaring anomaly whereby an earlier retiree in senior grade is receiving less pension as compared to the pension received by an employee in junior grade retired at a later stage after wage revision. Besides FORBE has also undertaken the issue of increase in basic component of ex-gratia from Rs.300/- to Rs.600/- is long pending with Government / Ministry of Finance for their attention. The forum is also attending the same simultaneously.

It is now our earnest desire that every one of us should join hands in strengthening the movement of retirees’ organisation (BOMREWO).